About Us

We are harmonica

A pioneer in organic retail that has set new standards in the organic food business in Bulgaria for over a decade, making food the right way – tasty and organic, honest and simple.
Harmonica - Maggie, Lubo, Meto
Our story starts back in 2006, when Maggie Maleeva, the former world’s 4th ranked tennis star, visited the first and only two organic dairy farms in the country. Together with her husband, Lubo and a close friend Metodi, the trio soon started producing organic yogurt, embarking on a journey to become the trailblazers of organic food in Bulgaria.
More than a decade later “harmonica” is synonymous with “organic” and boasts a team of 80+ professionals. As a team we have built trust in our customers with the quality of the ingredients we use and the consistency in our taste and recipes.
Our product portfolio is made up of over 130 products, using genuine and authentic ingredients, mostly grown and harvested locally. Guided by tradition, we don’t shy away from incorporating innovation created by our in-house R&D team.
Harmonica is proof that you don’t have to compromise with your convictions to be successful. 100% organic is our mandatory minimum.
We have full-scale distribution organization, covering the whole of Bulgaria, delivering weekly to over 800 P.O.S. including a large-scale retail channel, organic stores, HORECA, petrol stations, and drug stores.
We export to over 20 countries and continue to expand, both as harmonica and Private Label for our worldwide clients.
We continue to establish lasting loyal partnerships with our suppliers, farmers, and clients around the globe. We welcome new ventures and partners to join us on our organic journey.


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