Buckwheat flour

Nothing but whole grains of buckwheat, finely ground. No additives.

Buckwheat flour is a great alternative to wheat in biscuits , pancakes and cakes though you can’t use it for bread. It has an interesting flavor that gives character to every recipe. You can mix it with other kinds of flour or use it on its own to make galette-style pancakes like the ones they make in Northern France. Buckwheat is also very popular in Russia. It’s rich in fibre and minerals like magnesium, calcium and iron, which makes it a great food for kids and grown-ups alike.

What’s the difference between organic and conventional flour?

In our crop fields, we don’t use any mineral fertilizers produced by the chemical industry. Only natural organic fertilizers enrich the soil where the grains grow. Unlike conventional agriculture, we remove weed mechanically without applying chemicals. While protecting the grains from pests and diseases, we rely on methods friendly towards the beneficial organisms in the ecosystem.

Before the harvest is over, we treat the warehouses, where we store grains, with substances allowed in organic farming. We take all measures to prevent pests from reaching the grain.

Furthermore, once the grain is in storage, we don’t apply pest control substances to remove the pests. We solely make sure to prevent those insects and animals from accessing the grains. If the need arises, we use only natural substances with no direct contact with the grains. We apply them strictly around the cereal to serve as a pest barrier. After all, not only the pest would eat the grain treated with chemical poison, but we as well.

In everything we do, we aim at setting an example of applying balanced solutions. There is no need for food production to be the most destructive human activity. What is more, we want it to taste good!

Buckwheat flour
  • Био сертифициран
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Без ГМО
  • Веган

What's in it

Nothing but whole grains of buckwheat, finely ground. No additives.

How it's made

Our wholegrain buckwheat flour was made using the classic technique of grinding the entire grains. By doing that we preserve all beneficial nutrients in the hull. Buckwheat flour is rich in fibre and minerals, iron, calcium and magnesium.

Nutrition facts

per 100 g


358,7 kcal / 1506 kJ


2.52 g

- of which saturates

0.3 g


71 g


13 g


12.9 g


500 g package

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