Cocoa Cream with Ghee: Gourmet

Great Taste 2018 Award-winning product!

When we were kids we dreamed of growing up so we don’t have to sleep in the afternoon and we can eat as much chocolate as we liked. Nowadays we want to sleep in the afternoon but we managed to achieve that thing with the chocolate. Oh, happy days.

We created this gourmet experience – rich cocoa cream with ghee. It consists solely of coconut butter, cow milk ghee, cocoa beans and only 15% cane sugar. Everything is of course organic. A true chocolate spread with intense cocoa flavor. It’s devoid only of the feeling of guilt when we do fail to comply with the one-more-spoon-and-that’s-it routine.

“Thick deep chocolate appearance with a surprisingly smooth texture. Bitter chocolate flavour that has complex notes and allows the chocolate to sing out.”

 Great Taste Awards 2018 Jury

Cocoa Cream with Ghee: Gourmet
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What's in it

Organic coconut ghee (50% organic coconut butter and 50% organic cow milk ghee), finely ground organic cocoa beans, organic cane sugar, agave inulin.

How it's made

The cow milk ghee is obtained by slowly boiling pure cow butter in order to separate the protein and the water. To remove the odour, the coconut butter is filtered without the use of any chemicals. Both are mixed to produce the coconut ghee. To this we add finely ground cocoa beans, cane sugar and cocoa powder. We also add inulin to achieve the soft creamy texture, ideal for spreading on thin and not so thin slices of bread. The mixture is stirred until the ingredients are fully blended and the jars are filled. We close them with golden caps to suggest that this is a good breakfast for champions.

Nutrition facts

In 100 g


639.7 kcal / 2655.61 kJ


50.29 g

of which saturates

26.8 g


41.9 g

of which sugar

29.8 g
Protein 4.34 g


0.031 g



A 200 g jar

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