Cold-pressed fruit and herb cordials.

Mint cordial

Refreshing as the sea spray on your first day at the beach. Cooling as the green shade of the pergola. Explosive as a whole bag of mints. Mildly sweet, thanks to the tapioca – our choice of sweetener for its 20/80 fructose-to-glucose ratio, allowing better absorption by the body. We used fresh mint of the […]

Lemon cordial with ginger

When life gives you lemons… well, you can make a cordial with unforgettable lemon-ginger taste. In a single bottle you will find the freshness of the ripe, juicy organic lemons, in a combination with organic ginger and raw cane organic sugar. You can mix it with still or sparkling water, or even add it to […]

Rose cordial

Our rose cordial is a luscious exotic flavor with a bow to local culinary culture. Bulgarians have used roses in their cuisine for hundreds of years and now we are reviving this tradition by creating an authentic drink from top-of-the-line organically grown roses. It’s known to possess a number of beneficial qualities, not least the ability to end up as a […]

Raspberry Cordial

The sweet memories of Grandma’s pantry are bottled in our raspberry cordial, made to an old recipe using virgin extract from organically grown raspberries. A children’s favourite, it keeps them healthy and happy, giving parents peace of mind.

Strawberry Cordial

Our harmonica Strawberry syrup is great for refreshing drinks (mix with still or sparkling water; 1 part syrup : 7 parts water), or as topping for yogurt or ice cream.

Mountain tea cordial

Mountain tea is an exceptional herb with very limited distribution – only in our area.

Elderflower Cordial

Another traditional Bulgarian recipe we think deserves a great second chance. A glass of elderflower cordial is the perfect chill out on a summer afternoon. A fresh flowery and grassy flavour with a slightly bitter note, it helps cool you down, giving you a vitamin C boost.