Cold-pressed fruit and herb cordials.

Mint cordial

Refreshing as the sea breeze on your first day at the beach. Cooling as the green shade of an old pine tree. Explosive as a whole bag of mints. We used fresh mint of the Mentha piperita variety – the richest in fragrant essential oils, supercharged with sunshine from the mountain meadows of Standzha.

Lemon cordial with ginger

When life gives you lemons… well, you can make a cordial with unforgettable lemon-ginger taste. In a single bottle you will find the freshness of the ripe, juicy organic lemons, in a combination with organic ginger and raw cane organic sugar. You can mix it with still or sparkling water, or even add it to […]

Rose cordial

“A cordial with a wonderful natural flavour, thick aromatic notes of rose, not too sweet. Light floral scent that soothes “(Great Taste Awards jury). Harmonica rose cordial was awarded the prestigious British awards in 2017. The Great Taste label is a guarantee for excellent taste and quality, appreciated by hundreds of authoritative tasters. Our rose […]

Raspberry cordial

The sweet memories of Grandma’s pantry are bottled in our raspberry cordial, made to an old recipe using virgin extract from organically grown raspberries. A children’s favourite, it keeps them healthy and happy, giving parents peace of mind.

Strawberry cordial

Our harmonica Strawberry syrup is great for refreshing drinks (mix with still or sparkling water; 1 part syrup : 7 parts water), or as topping for yogurt or ice cream.

Sour cherry cordial

Do you remember your grandma’s secret cabinet full of jars of goodness? We’ll invite you to open that secret cabinet with our sour cherry cordial. It’s made out of the ripest fruit, blossomed and grown here in the Bulgarian orchards. To prepare the cordial, the cherries are cold pressed to preserve all the goodness that […]

Mountain tea cordial

Mountain tea is an exceptional herb with very limited distribution – only in our area.

Elderflower cordial

Another traditional Bulgarian recipe we think deserves our intention. A glass of elderflower cordial is the perfect chill out on a summer afternoon. A fresh flowery and grassy flavour with a slightly bitter note, it helps cool you down, giving you a vitamin C boost.

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