Eggs are an important and valuable food, especially for children and adolescents, and choosing Harmonica organic eggs brings a number of benefits for both human health and the environment:

  • Organic eggs are proven to be more nutritious – they contain more vitamins and minerals;
  • Feeding the hens without synthetic additives contributes to the higher omega-3 fatty acid content;
  • Pesticides, herbicides, hormones and antibiotics, which are absent here, leave traces in eggs that can harm human health;
  • Organic farms use sustainable and regenerative agricultural practices focused on biodiversity and ecosystem preservation;
  • The welfare of the hens is important – spacious and natural conditions with access to open areas and no cages – they are not stressed which affects the quality of the eggs they lay;

    Consuming Harmonica eggs is a small but very meaningful step that benefits our health and the environment.


What's in it

Eggs size L from organically raised hens.

How it's made

- Special attention to the welfare of hens; - Clean feed - clean and wholesome eggs; - Strict standards on farms.

Nutrition facts

per 100 g


153 kcal/640 kJ

Total fat

10.8 g

- of which saturates

3.5 g


1.4 g

- of which sugars

1.3 g




0.02 g


Cardboard box with 6 eggs

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