Apple Juice

Apple Juice

Apple – the fruitiest of all fruit in the world! And apple juice – the absolute classic. If we said that apple juice is the mother of all juices, it would be exaggerated one tiny bit. And here’s our very own apple juice made out of organically grown apples in Bulgaria.

The fruit is cold-pressed, unfiltered, nothing added. The juiciest most-apple juice out there.

Our apple juice is already half your breakfast goodness. First, each box contains 3 litres juice made out of 4 kilograms and 600 grams ripe apples. Next – it’s cold-pressed and boxed immediately after so as to preserve all the good qualities and let them reach your breakfast table to put a wide smile on your face as soon as you take that first sip.

The bag-in-box technology allows for the packaging to be done immediately after the juice is made. There’s a minimum oxygen transfer and that makes the juice easy to store at home for long periods of time.


Aroma fruity, natural of apples
Color amber
Sugar only the natural sweetness of the fruits
Storage in a dry, dark place. In the fridge after opening

What's in it

Organic Bulgarian apples. Nothing else.

How's it made

The apples are cold-pressed, then lightly pasteurised and then boxed. It’s not filtered and no water is added.

Nutritional facts

In 100 ml


48 kcal / 201 kJ 2.4%


0.1 g 0.14%


11.7 g 4.5%

- of which sugars

10.9 g 12.1%


0.1 g 0.2%


  • Certified Organic
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegan
  • GMO Free
  • Pesticide Free
  • BG-BIO-02


  • Bag in box 3 l


Perfect for parties!

Fresh, non-filtered, from organic apples, grown in sunny Bulgarian orchards.

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