Goat Yellow Cheese

Dense and balanced taste

Early morning, late summer. Silence at the Southern slopes of Stara Planina Mountain. The only thing you can hear, besides the buzzing of the insects, are the bells of a goat herd, who doesn’t stop even for a minute but tirelessly are looking for the freshest and most fragrant herbs and grass. To be more precise, the place is just at the foot of Baba Peak, near Mirkovo Village in the central part of the Balkan.

This is the story of harmonica Semi-hard Yellow Cheese from organic goat milk. Our elegant try to stay in the lovely summer days through the dense and yet balanced taste of goat yellow cheese. Lets get back together in the early summer mornings in the Balkan.

Goat Yellow Cheese
  • Био сертифициран
  • Без глутен
  • Без ГМО

What's in it

Organic goat milk, starter cultures, yeast, salt, calcium dichloride.

How's it made

We heat the goat milk up to 68C, cool it down a little and add the starter cultures. In a little bit more than 30 minutes, the good bacteria have done their magic and milk has turned into cheese. We leave it to mature well. Really well, like 60 days. As we seek balanced and dense taste. 

Nutritional facts

In 100 g


1530 kJ / 370 kcal

Total Fat

30 g

of which saturates

18 g


1.9 g

of which sugars

1 g


23 g


2.0 g



A 300g vacuum package

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