Jams and Marmalades

Pumpkin Preserve

Yet another old-time favorite recipe we decided to bring back to life. Searching for the ultimate pumpkin preserves know-how took us some extra time, but it definitely was worth the efforts. We found the best recipe in Southern Bulgaria and we are more than enthusiastic to share the results with you. Try our one-of-a-kind Pumpkin […]

Rosehip Marmalade

Rosehip marmalade is great for cakes, but making it isn’t a piece of cake. And not only because wild rose bushes have thorns. We’ve done all the hard work so that you can enjoy this culinary masterpiece in your baking, in pancakes or simply spread on toast.

Rosehip Мarmalade, no added sugar

The rosehip marmalade without added sugar, just like its closest family member – the hawthorn marmalade – has the added value of the organic beet sugar treacle that makes it simultaneously sweet and healthy. Thus we offer you an all-natural product equally good for babies and adults, those with a sweet tooth and those on […]

Hawthorn Marmalade, no added sugar

That’s the less known brother of the rosehip marmalade, with slightly acerbic twist only a well trained palate can tell. Hawthorn is not the sweetest fruit in the world, but instead of sugar, we enrich it with organic beet sugar treacle so that it becomes a super food or at least a super dessert. It […]

Raspberry Jam

Raspberry jam is an old-time masterpiece we’ve always been a great fan of. That’s why we were very happy to welcome this sweet baby in the harmonica family, especially since it’s made with amazing raspberries from the Bulgarian Balkan mountains. Raspberry jam goes well with almost anything and its only minus is that once you […]

Plum Jam, no added sugar

That is a 100% pure fruit jam with plums from Bulgarian Balkan mountains and no added sugar. On top of its natural sweetness, the plums are famous for being rich in tons of healthy stuff – like vitamins В1, В2, РР, С, provitamin А, minerals, phosphorous and iron. Now you know your morning toast with […]

Green fig jam

Figs are synonymous with the slow living of summer time. We have succeeded in capturing the smell and taste of these fabulous memories in each jar of our green fig jam.

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