Nettle Puree

Ready to eat! You know that stinging feeling you get all over your hands when you cook nettle? Yeah – […]

Sweet Pepper Chunky Spread

This traditional Bulgarian recipe revived by harmonica will give you the chance to try something old, something new, something loved, […]

Chick Peas

There has always been a place reserved in our harmonious family, consisting of healthy and tasty foods, for one product […]

Eggplant Chunky Spread

We follow the same rules as we do with the rest of our products – we wait for nature to show us the perfect time.

Lyutenitsa Ilievi

We offer you to travel back in time when most things were made only with freshly picked fruits and veggies […]

Wild Garlic Pesto

From fresh, seasonal and local Bulgarian wild garlic foraged on the slopes of Western Rhodope Mountains

Grilled Zucchini

Scrumptious grilled zucchini, cut into stripes and marinated in cider vinegar and herbs. Ready to be enjoyed hot or cold, […]

Tomato puree

Warm, round and juicy like a summer vacation – everybody, who has once played hide and seek in the garden […]

Haricot Beans

Bean stew with garden herbs has to be the most iconic Bulgarian dish. In the old days, when food was simpler, families would […]

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