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Sugar Beet Molasses

Natural source of iron and magnesium.

Natural source of iron and magnesium

It’s unbelievable a one-ingredient product may contain so much nutritional properties. Although our molasses’ sole ingredient is concentrated organic sugar beet syrup, it shelters lots of useful macro and microelements. To name a few: iron, magnesium, chromium, calcium, potassium, and sodium. Specifically, it contains larger quantities of the first two. To be more precise, here are the exact numbers: iron – 4.7 mg in 100 g; magnesium – 242 mg in 100g.  This makes molasses (a.k.a. pekmez) an excellent food for women, including pregnant ones. It is especially suitable for people worrying about iron-deficiency or anemia.

You might wonder how something made of only one ingredient may have such a rich and full-bodied taste. Well, the easiest way to understand is to try it yourself. Try a single teaspoon, although we warn you – one just won’t be enough. Nor two or three. Here comes the challenge to gather all your inner strength and to stop before you’ve exceeded your daily allowance of sweet things.

As you might know, beetroot works very well in salads. The powers of its ‘brother,’ the sugar beet, lie in the high levels of concentrated sugar in the root. This makes it a perfect source of molasses. The final result is strikingly nutritious and remarkably delicious ‘gold’ in a jar.

Sugar Beet Molasses
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What's in it

Concentrated sugar beet syrup and nothing else.

How's it made

The peeled sugar beet is cut into pieces, then it is pressed and boiled (up to 72C).

Nutritional facts

In 100 g


270 kcal / 1146 kj 20.85%


0.01 g 0.1%


62.5 g 69.44%


2.9 g 5.8%


0.37 g 6.17%


4.9 g



340 g glass jar

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