Haricot Beans

Bean stew with garden herbs has to be the most iconic Bulgarian dish. In the old days, when food was simpler, families would survive the winter on beans. A pot of bean stew would always be there, simmering away for hours on the fire in any village house on a cold day. When there was no farm work to be done, everyone had time for slow food. And if life got too boring, people would even use beans to tell their fortunes.

But you may have other entertainment and winters may not be so idle nowadays. That’s why our beautiful white beans are here to help you skip the soaking and the boiling. Nice and soft in the jar, they’re ready to be used in salads, soups, traditional stews or even in cake. We don’t need to throw beans to predict you will enjoy them. Because they are:

a. prepared home-style by soaking them overnight and changing the cooking water three times;

b. delicious;

c. purely Bulgarian

White beans. Here and now. From Harmonica.

Haricot Beans
  • Био сертифициран
  • Без ГМО
  • Без пестицити
  • Веган

What's in it

Organic white Bulgarian beans, a pinch of Himalayan salt, water from the cooking.

How's it made

We soak the dried beans for 12 hours, we boil them, change the water, boil them again, skim off the froth and pour them into jars.

Nutritional facts

per 100 g


393.14 kcal / 1618 kJ 19.6%


40.94 g 58.4%

- of which saturates

4.6 g 23%


1 g 0.38%

- of which sugars

0.65 g 0.72%


4.12 g 8.24%


2.60 g 43.3%


570 g jar

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Fresh and tasty. A classic Mediterranean recipe.


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