Wafer with Bolivian maca

Chiarumani, Bolivian Andes

Like all harmonica wafers, this one is also super crispy, suitable for a vegan diet, touched by a delicate hint of coconut and sweetened with raw organic sugar.
But the ingredient that makes it unique and brings that soft caramel-and-coffeelike aftertaste is the Bolivian maca. It is known as a superfood for some very good reasons.
Maca is the root of a plant indigenous to the highlands of Latin America, where it has been used since ancient times. Local tribes in Bolivia and Peru traditionally used it to keep their bodies strong and boost their stamina. Due to the highland climate and the harsh conditions in the areas where it grows, the root generates some rare and very concentrated nutrients.
The maca we use in our wafers was grown in Chiarumani  – an area in the Bolivian Andes at an altitude of about 4000 metres. The exact recipe for its preparation is kept secret by the locals but what we know sounds almost like a piece of magic realism by our favourite Latin American writers. The maca roots are soaked in a solution of water and alcohol for a period of six months. This slow extraction process not only generates unique nutrients but also develops the pleasant flavour. The roots are then dried and powdered so they can make the journey all the way to Bulgaria, ending up as an ingredient in our wafers.
How does maca really work?
It’s often called an ‘adaptogen’, which means it helps our system to maintain its physical and mental equilibrium. Unlike energy drinks or those containing caffeine, maca promotes balance – it sooths away unwanted agitation and stress and brings a boost of energy when fatigue sets in. Maca is also considered beneficial to the endocrine system. It’s believed to boost the libido and sexual performance, as well as strengthen the immune system. It contains over 20 amino acids, vitamins B1, B2 and E, calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc and other minerals. Maca is also suitable for children.
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