Naturally pure.

Ghee is purified butter with fine taste and gentle buttery aroma. It is ideal for cooking, especially suited for cooking fryed dishes because of its high smoking point (250°C). Ghee is an integral part of the Indian cooking tradition and is valued highly by everyone with sensitivity towards milk products. Despite its origin, ghee does not contain lactose or casein.

Ghee is more easily digested compared to other animal fats. Its lightness even makes it а suitable ingredient for home made baby food. And you know what’s funny? Statistics show that if you say „GHEE“ loud enough, about 35% of the people in your surrounding will respond with „Bless you!“. You should try it!

Which harmonica oils are suitable for cooking, and what does smoke point mean?

Fats make up for a significant part of a wholesome diet. Besides fueling us with energy, they guarantee fat-soluble vitamin absorption and proper functioning of our body and organs, i.e., heart, brain. It is crucial to choose carefully which type of fat to use in a dish and how to process it. When we heat them, we need to know which the suitable temperature for each fat is.

The smoke point simply said, is the moment when the fat starts smoking. From then on, its consumption isn’t healthy anymore.

Our advice is to use fats with a high smoke point for cooking ingredients, while fats with a low smoke point are suitable for salads or already-cooked meals. Once the smoke point is reached, fats change their structure, forming toxic compounds.
1. Flaxseed Oil harmonica, cold-pressed (smoke point 107°C). Suitable for salads or already-cooked meals.
2. Cold Pressed Sunflower Oil  harmonica (107°C). Suitable for salads or already-cooked meals.
3. Coconut Oil harmonica (177°C). Suitable for cooking and sautéing. We believe it won’t be tasty for a salad dressing.
4. Cow Butter harmonica (180°C). Suitable for light frying and baking.
5. Ghee harmonica – purified cow butter by harmonica (220°C). Suitable for high-temperature cooking, including frying.

6. Sunflower Oil for Cooking harmonica (227°C). Suitable for high-temperature cooking, including frying.

  • Био сертифициран
  • Без глутен
  • Без ГМО

What's in it

100% clarified organic cow butter.

How it's made

We melt the butter over medium-low heat. When it's melted we skim the whey off the surface. Then we do it until the butter turns clear and the milk solids sink to the bottom and gives the ghee a nutty, butterscotch flavor. We put the ghee in glass jars after we strained it.

Nutrition facts

In 100 g


901 kcal / 3703 kJ


99.8 g

- of which saturated

66 g


0.5 g
Protein 0.1 g


0 g



  • Glass jar 215 g

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