Gtreat Taste 2021 Award-winning product

Great Taste 2021 Award-winning product!

Instruction for use: open the package, put your nose in and simply smell that goodness – wonderful, fragrant, delicious prunes. The prunes have that aroma  that reminds of homely winter coziness by the fireplace, but surprise us with the taste of long careless summer days out in the sun.

Each prunes package contains plums that have been dehydrated by air-drying process. This basically means that the water content evaporates, and the vitamins and fibers stay where they are most needed – in the fruit.

‘These semi-dried prunes have a sticky-chewy texture, with the skin still slightly firmer than the middle, which we liked. What is the best about them, though, is the fact that they have a good residual acidity – they still taste like plum. And did we detect a tiny hint of smoke in the flavour or was it our mind playing tricks? If the former, we liked it. We felt they were very versatile and would hold up well in savory or sweet cookery. ‘

Great Taste Awards 2021 Jury


  • Био сертифициран
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Без ГМО
  • Веган

What's in it

Only organic Bulgarian pitted Stanley prunes, air-dried in wood-fired ovens. No sugar or sweeteners, no taste enhancers. Just abundance of nature.

How it's made

The fruits are air-dried in wood-fired ovens. This is how the water evaporates, while preserving all the vitamins and minerals in them.

Nutrition facts

per 100 g


291 kcal/ / 1234 kJ


0.25 g 0.36%


66.01 g 25.18%


2.09 g 4.1%


8.32 g



200 g package

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