Sunflower Seed Paste

Sunshine in a jar! Rich, earthy flavor perfect for salad dressings, sauces or finger-licking dips.

Sunflower seed paste Harmonica is made from clean, incredibly delicious Bulgarian sunflower seeds, without sugar, salt or any other additives.

Sunflower Seed Paste
  • Био сертифициран
  • Без глутен
  • Без ГМО
  • Веган

What's in it

Only ground peeled organic sunflower seeds.

How it's made

The seeds are dried and left to cool down. Then so prepared seed paste is filled in jars.

Nutrition facts

Per 100 g


687.9 kcal/2878 kJ

Total fat

60.2 g

- of which saturates

5.5 g


17.8 g

- of which sugars

2.4 g


18.7 g


0.1 g


A 250 g glass jar

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