Cream cheese

We spent a long time searching for the right recipe and developing the craftsmanship to get the desired smoothness, texture and flavor.

Buckwheat flour

Nothing but whole grains of buckwheat, finely ground in a stone mill. No additives.

Hazelnut tahini

Chocolatiers and pastry chefs around Europe have long been aware of the rich flavour and potential of hazelnut paste and so they’ve borrowed it from their Balkan colleagues. Our hazelnut tahini is made from pure fragrant nuts of outstanding quality, without any additional ingredients. It usually gains rapid popularity among family members as “the better […]

Why we created Smiles

And then just maybe our favorite city, traditionally full of frowning faces, can become just a little more cheerful and we can all live better together.

Smiles with sea salt

Тhese are the Smiles in the blue package. Irresistably crunchy and delicious. The accent here is the Messolonghi sea salt from the famous Mediterranean salt works in Greece. Our scrumptious puffs have only three ingredients: rice, chickpeas and salt. Nothing more. Those three are all it takes to make it the star of the playground, […]

Smiles with coconut oil

Beautifully crunchy and yummy, these are SMILES with coconut oil. They have only four ingredients – chickpeas, rice, salt and cold pressed coconut oil. Nothing more. And they’re perfect to enjoy both in the playground and with a pint of beer, or as a rescue package on a crazy day when there’s no time for […]

Vegetable terrine

We made our vegetable terrine to an original recipe we developed together with chef Ivaylo Petrov from Lazy Restaurant. Our goal was to create a delicious and healthy product to showcase a vegetable of great nutritional value but not so popular in our local quisine – the jerusalem artichoke. It contains high amounts of inulin, […]

Wafer with Bolivian maca

Like all harmonica wafers, this one is also super crispy, suitable for a vegan diet, touched by a delicate hint of coconut and sweetened with raw organic sugar.

Our milky way

When animals are cared for in a way that respects nature, everything works more smoothly, they stay healthier and there is less trouble.

What does it mean to be “certified organic”

Author: Georgi Georgiev, Control and Certiifcation Manager at harmonica This article was first published in the June 2017 issue of Regal magazine What does the law say Who monitors organic production, processing, labelling and trade, making sure it’s done according to the rules? What are the steps a new operator must take to access the […]

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