Chocolate Spread

Choco ghee spread Milk

We allow ourselves to paraphrase the words of our beloved Roald Dhal by saying, that whatever happens, when you take a spoon of chocolate spread you start looking at the problem from a whole different prospective. Right? Our chocolate ghee with milk has about 28 spoons of uniquely delicious chocolate spread, that is, with a […]


New beginnings for wheat sticks harmonica

Our wheat sticks have fans of all ages, anywhere between 2 and 102 years old. They win hearts and palates not only with their crispy flavor but also because they’re made of pure ingredients. Driven to maintain the success the sticks have reached this far, we decided to refresh their recipe as well as their […]


How are Smiles made and what in the world is extrusion?

Or how do we transform the headstrong nature of chickpeas and rice into fluffy, crunchy Smiles? When we hear the melodious word ‘extrusion’, we get a mental picture of something greasy, cunningly tasty and very unhealthy. Most of us would normally stay miles away from foods of that kind. But when we set about researching […]


Our milky way

When animals are cared for in a way that respects nature, everything works more smoothly, they stay healthier and there is less trouble.


What does it mean to be “certified organic”

Author: Georgi Georgiev, Control and Certiifcation Manager at harmonica This article was first published in the June 2017 issue of Regal magazine What does the law say Who monitors organic production, processing, labelling and trade, making sure it’s done according to the rules? What are the steps a new operator must take to access the […]

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