Biscuit bites

Biscuit bites

These tiny crispy delicate sweet biscuit bites are made of einkorn flour and cow ghee. They are rich in fiber and are simply irresistible in taste. We created them so that you can enjoy the clean version of the conventional biscuit bites that we have all grown up and long for.


Sour cherry cordial

Do you remember your grandma’s secret cabinet full of jars of goodness? We’ll invite you to open that secret cabinet with our sour cherry cordial. It’s made out of the ripest fruit, blossomed and grown here in the Bulgarian orchards. To prepare the cordial, the cherries are cold pressed to preserve all the goodness that […]


Nettle Puree

Ready to eat! You know that stinging feeling you get all over your hands when you cook nettle? Yeah – no more of that. This one here is ready to eat, no picking, no stinging, no cleaning, no soaking, just grab a spoon and you’re good to go. Nettle was one of those “yucky greens” […]


Out to Pasture with harmonica

We’re in love with the month of May for many reasons and one of them is the first pasture for the year. We love visiting Belish village where the cow farm of harmonica’s partner and friend Nikolay Chernokozhev is located. For yet another year we visited Nikolay’s farm and took part of the cow’s biggest […]



harmonica is a brand that has set standards in the organic food business in Bulgaria, for over a decade. The trust we have built in our customers towards the quality of the ingredients we use and the consistency in the taste and recipes, is spreading beyond borders. Our product portfolio is made up of the fundamental foods we were brought […]


New beginnings for wheat sticks harmonica

Our wheat sticks have fans of all ages, anywhere between 2 and 102 years old. They win hearts and palates not only with their crispy flavor but also because they’re made of pure ingredients. Driven to maintain the success the sticks have reached this far, we decided to refresh their recipe as well as their […]

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