White beans

Bean stew with garden herbs has to be the most iconic Bulgarian dish. In the old days, when food was simpler, families would survive the winter on beans. A pot of bean stew would always be there, simmering away for hours on the fire in any village house on a cold day. When there was no farm work to be […]

Photo Story: Harmonica @ Biofach 2017

Biofach is the oldest and biggest organic expo in Europe. Since 1989 it’s been happening annually in Nurnberg, Germany. And we are participating for the fifth time with our own stand. The construction was invented and created especially for us by Association Transformatori in 2015. This year we used it for the second time with some small additions. […]

Grilled zucchini

Scrumptious grilled zucchini, cut into stripes and marinated in cider vinegar and herbs. Ready to be enjoyed hot or cold, no further cooking required. Just open the jar and you’ll find the zucchini stripes eager to contribute to any daring culinary endeavour. Our zucchini were grown in the sunny glens along the Struma river and […]


This traditional Bulgarian recipe revived by harmonica will give you the chance to try something old, something new, something loved, something true. And if it’s true that we are what we eat, the lyutenitsa, along with our rachel and rose hip marmalade, is definitely something Bulgarians can be proud of. In good old times every […]

Bolivian Maca Wafer

Meet our new crispy wafer with Bolivian maca – 100% vegetarian, perfect for vegans! We came across Bolivian maca by chance and it turned out to be the perfect ingredient for the new recipe we were working on. The result is spectacular – a delicious taste of coconut with a mild caramel twist at the end.

Green fig jam

Figs are synonymous with the slow living of summer time. We have succeeded in capturing the smell and taste of these fabulous memories in each jar of our green fig jam.

Probiotic wafer!

Let us introduce you to the newest, teeming with life (literary!) addition to the ranks of our harmonica products – a probiotic wafer with 1 billion added probiotic microorganisms.

Sunflower Tahini

Sunflower tahini is another worthy member of harmonica’s tahini family. It is made from clean, incredibly delicious Bulgarian sunflower seeds, without sugar, salt or any other additives. The seeds come from the stunnungly beautiful sunflower fields of Silistra. The tahini is made by drying and grinding them in a stone mill.  

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