Milk Choco Balls

Yummy, crunchy, funky – rice puffs covered in craft milk chocolate.

Every time you need a crunchy, funky snack on-the-go for a quick energy twist, just grab harmonica’s package of Milk Choco Balls. We made them just from puffed rice and craft bean-to-bar milk chocolate. So simple, so good!

Milk Choco Balls
  • Био сертифициран
  • Gluten Free Ingredients
  • Без ГМО

What's in it

Only rice puffs + milk chocolate. But let's break it to every single ingredient, so you know exactly what's inside. Here you are:

organic milk chocolate 85% (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa butter 28%, organic cocoa beans 15%, organic skimmed milk powder 10%, organic whole milk powder 9%), organic rice puffs 15% (organic rice semolina 93%, organic cocoa powder 7%).

How it's made

First we make the puffs by extrusion of rice semolina and a splash of cocoa powder. Then we cover them with several layers of craft bean-to-bar milk chocolate coating. Once again and once again and once again. When they cool down, we pack them and make sure they reach you quickly to enjoy.

Nutrition facts

In 100 g

Energy 2256 kJ / 542 kcal
Total fat 34.6 g
of which saturates 13.5 g
Carbohydrates 47.9 g
of which sugars 35.3 g
Protein 6 g
Salt <0.035 g


An easy-to-open and convinient 50 g package.

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