Passata Classica

Sunny and ripe tomatoes.

All 100% pure tomatoes!

A bottle of pure tomatoes and nothing else! Tomatoes that were picked ripe, at the moment when they’ve absorbed everything useful and nutritional, the way only fruits can. Did you know that the tomato is a fruit? Peeled without any seeds. Completely pure, with no spices or extra ingredients. The only spraying these tomatoes have seen is from the rays of warm Mediterranean sun they grow under. Believe us, they are ready to become the perfect companion of any pasta or pizza you might be cooking.

Passata Classica

What's in it

Only organic tomatoes.

How it's made

The tomatoes are peeled, pureed and filtered so there are no seeds inside. Filled in bottles and sealed. Ready for culinary adventures.

Nutrition facts

In 100 g


30 kcal / 128kJ


0.5 g

- of which saturated

0.3 g


4.5 g


1.4 g


0.03 g



Glass jar 680 g

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