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Peeled Tomatoes

Whole, peeled, sunny and ripe.

‘The only way to make us stop cooking is to take away our tomatoes.’

Although there is no such proverb, we believe it should exist. If you cook (or eagerly expect a home-cooked meal every day), you know already. There aren’t many delicious and nourishing dishes to succeed without tomatoes.

Let’s open the tin can. That’s where it gets exciting: the aroma, the color, the flavor. O, yes, the flavor! We went as far as Italy in our search for the tomatoes with the most excellent taste. There we found those pure, full-bodied tomatoes that thrive in sunshine. Although the Mediterranean sun is just one thing to consider.

Imagine Pontinia, a small Italian town, South of Rome. Then, think about the Simonetti family gardens, where three generations of Simonetti have been growing delicious tomatoes. And they are more than professional at their job! The family manages the production process on every stage: from the seeds selection, growing, processing, to packaging.

So, here you are the wonderful organic whole peeled tomatoes by harmonica. Feeling hungry for meatballs in a sauce, moussaka, or tomato soup? What about pizza, spaghetti, or lasagna? The fitting tomatoes for each dish are here! All-year-round – in a tin can of 400 g.

Peeled Tomatoes
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What's in it

100% Italian organic tomatoes. Only the ripe ones, peeled and whole, sun-grown. In a sauce made of the same tomatoes. No spices, no salt, no chemical fertilizers, no pesticides.

How it's made

The tomatoes are washed and dipped in hot water. 1,2,3.. and it’s done. Then, peeling becomes a piece of cake, and the tomatoes stay round and beautiful. The final step is putting them in the cans and filling them with the same tomato sauc

Nutrition facts

In 100 g


30 kcal / 128kJ


0.5 g

- of which saturated

0.3 g


4.5 g


1.4 g


0.03 g



400 g tin can


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