Roasted almonds

Full of energy!

Harmonica’s roasted almonds are rich in protein and fiber. They have been lightly sprinkled with salt – nothing else has been added. Our almonds come from almond orchards in Karnobat and are roasted to make them perfectly crunchy and delicious.

Great to have in your backpack when hiking in the mountains or in those long afternoons at the office. You get 80 g of pure organic almonds – more energy and enjoyment always to hand.

Roasted almonds

What's in it

80 g of roasted organic Bulgarian almonds, with less than 2 g of salt per package.

How it's made

Did you know that the almond kernel is actually a seed, hidden in a stone and then encased in fruit? We remove the fruit but leave the kernel in the shell until just before roasting. A little secret that helps us bring our almonds to you all fresh and free from preservatives. Pure.

Nutrition facts

per 100 g


659 kcal / 2758 kJ


57 g

- of which saturates

4 g


16.4 g


15 g


2 g


  • 80 g package

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