Biscuit Bites

Great Taste Awards 2020 winner!

Great Taste 2020 award-wining haiku of einkorn flour and cow ghee. Rich in fiber and simply irresistible in taste.

‘These cute, small, neat biscuits have a very pleasing light, airy crunch and a sweet buttery-rich aroma” says the Great Taste 2020 Awards Jury. Made of einkorn flour and cow ghee, they are rich in fiber and are simply irresistible in taste. We created them so that you can enjoy the clean version of the conventional biscuit bites that we have all grown up and long for. Perfect for kids and adults. Just the right size, convenient for carrying around, ideal for breakfast, long walks and travelling. We’d also suggest dipping them in cream cheese or the morning coffee.


Biscuit Bites
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What's in it

We make them with organic einkorn flour (31.8%), organic white wheat flour, organic cow ghee (7.69%), organic sugar, organic full fat milk powder, organic malt extract, Himalayan salt, organic vanilla, rising agent, sodium bicarbonate, ammonium bicarbonate, enzyme.

Wholegrain einkorn flour is richer in fiber and is an ancient indigenous culture that has been preserved to this day with no hybridization and crossbreeding.

We put cow ghee because of its amazing taste and high smoking point.

No starch, no glucose-fructose syrup and no refined fats, no glossing agents, no preservatives and no stabilizers.

How it's made

All ingredients are mixed together until a nice biscuit dough is formed. Then we keep stirring for a long time. Until ready to roll. Then we make it into long sails, from which cookies are cut. Then we bake them to perfect color and taste. Finally - they are left to cool and ready for packing.

Nutrition facts

per 100 g


417 kcal / 1753 kJ 4.4%

Total fat

11.4 g 16.3%

   of which saturates

8.3 g 41.3%


64.3 g 24.8%

   of which sugars

22.8 g 25.3%


9.5 g 18.9%


0.7 g 11.3%


9.7 g



So far, the biscuits are only available in a pack of 80 grams - not much, but well enough for an afternoon snack.

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