Napoleon cake with harmonica phyllo pastry sheets

Tasty and soft.

1 package of phyllo pastry sheets
1 l fresh milk
4 egg yollks
150-200 g sugar
100 g flour
15 g starch
Cut the package of phyllo sheets into four even parts. Grease several sheets from each pile. Bake the sheets in a pre-heated oven (150°C) until golden. The sheets will rise slightly. Even if it seems a lot, don’t be alarmed. When done, bring the sheets out and let them cool down completely.
Prepare the cream as follows. In a pot, boil 500 ml of milk mixed with sugar and vanilla.
Whisk the egg yolks and add them to the remaining 500 ml of milk. Then, dissolve the flour and starch into the egg mix. Once the cream boils, pour in the egg mix. Stir steadily, until evenly mixed and the cream thickens. Leave it to cool down slightly while still stirring to prevent a crust forming on the surface.
Before arranging, set aside 1-2 phyllo sheets from each pile to finish the cake.
Set the first sheet in a suitable tray and pour ¼ of the cream. Repeat for the rest of the sheets. Use the final ¼ cream to cover the whole cake. Break the remaining sheets into large flakes and arrange them over the cream while it is still soft.
Press each side of the cake to make the layers stick together.
Leave the cake in the fridge to harden the cream.

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