Belish Village, near Troyan; Photo: Zlatina Tochkova

True heroes


April 2020

The world of humans is in crisis. But it makes true heroes stand out.

The crisis we are facing now is just one of the dimensions of the bigger crisis, which has been going on for quite some time now – we have talked a lot about shrinking biodiversity, shrinking glaciers, shrinking confidence in industrially produced food.

The biodiversity is shrinking due to industrially produced food.

Today’s crisis came way too fast and made us jump out of our comfortable couches, put on masks and gloves and return to couches that no longer seem so comfortable. Many of us were plunged into anxiety and depression as we follow around the clock the curve of statistics and frightening, but often taken out of context, numbers. Stern people waved a threatening finger from the screen, while bunches of „daredevils“ started making fun of all this, in their view unnecessary noise.


There is another bunch of people, hopefully the largest one. The people who did the things before this crisis and will do them after it. Those who do not wait for life to happen, but create it. Who know well that courage means not fearing nothing, but facing your fear and overcoming it. To be responsible to yourself, your loved ones and the whole community. Doing things the way you think is right, but without getting in other people’s way.

The shepherd in the organic cow farm of Nikolay Chernokojev.

This group of true time heroes includes all our colleagues, farmers, producers and partners. They are strong, courageous and active women and men who wake up early in the morning and bury their hands in the soil, sowing today the seeds that will become life and health for all of us tomorrow. These people approach with equal love their families, their farms and life in general.

Nikolay Chernokojev – the farmer in Belish village, Troyan Region.

We have something to say to all of you who will go with dignity through every trial and continue doing what you have always done – create.

Thank you!

Ivan Danchev, the farmer, Dobrodan village, Troyqn Region.

We have a word for all our other friends, too.

Now is the time to sow something. It can be a bed of tomatoes or beans.

Or it could be a seed of kindness. A smile. Hope.

Because life is about continuing living it.

Stay safe.

Stay together.

Venko and Tsonyo, Vehtovo village.

We have something to say to all of you who will go with dignity through this. Thank you!
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