Our goat cheese won a big prize

Taste champions

We got three stars for this phenomenal goat cheese from the Great Taste World Awards.

And we are so proud and pleased!

The Great Taste Awards are held every year in London and are something like a world championship of taste. The jury is formed of groups of hundreds of selected critics, chefs, restaurateurs, producers, nutritionists and journalists who evaluate thousands of products from all over the world. This year, 14 200 products entered the competition. Of these, only 200 were rated 3 stars! And among them is our goat champion.

If you follow us, you know that since 2017 we’ve been winning stars every year – we have a total of 12 stars for 10 different products. With so many awards, we have earned the right to call ourselves a Great Taste Producer.

Our other champions are: the lemonade, the einkorn sticks, our rose cordial, the dark cocoa cream, the lyutenitsa (of course!), the hazelnut tahini, the cream cheese, the biscuit bites and the dried prunes.

We don’t usually get too excited about awards, but this is a really great recognition of the huge amount of care we put into making everything Harmonica super tasty. We want Harmonica to signify taste and responsibility.

We thank everyone from the shepherds and farmers to the technologists and drivers to everyone on the Harmonica team who are part of this work.

Thanks also to all of you who buy and rate Harmonicas every day. There wouldn’t be three stars without you. We treat you virtually with cookies spread richly with three-star goat cheese. Cheers.

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