How we won a green policy award

In the picture below, you can see Metodi, one of the founders of Harmonica. The smiling girl behind him is Mariya Zhekova. Mariya has just awarded Metodi the Green Policy Award at TimeHeroes’ Annual Volunteer Awards. Harmonica received the prize for everything we are doing to clean up the Struma River.

Here is what Metodi said after receiving the award:

Three things are essential: thank, believe, and give. We simply act, and everything will become a reality. And we know the Struma River will run free of pollution once again!

Everyone in harmonica felt thrilled to get recognition for the Struma River Cleanup Campaign.

Here is a reminder of the clean-up action when thousands of volunteers joined forces to clean up the Struma River stream. The video brings back the emotions of this memorable day.

And some more pictures:

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