Together we did more to clean the river Struma 

At Harmonica, we always strive to do more than expected. Beyond delicious food, we do more for the environment and the communities in which we work. Today we will tell you about our Clean Struma initiative:

In 2020, Methodi from Harmonica started cleaning up the banks of the Struma River near the village. His friends got involved and then the Harmonica team stepped in. We made this video, which gathered a lot of support. After that, hundreds of volunteers supported us, the institutions got involved and the results didn’t take long.

In 2022, together we removed over 2,000 tonnes of waste from the river.

Not even bad weather could stop the volunteers.

The Clean Struma idea attracted and brought together local communities and all institutions and all of them worked side by side. And our goal to have the Struma flowing clean and not looking like a landfill became a common goal.

At the end of the year we decided that it was time to turn this initiative into a separate NGO and we founded the Clean Struma Association.

„Clean Struma“ continues what Harmonica started. It combines all the enthusiasm and energy to be an example of how to solve environmental problems in our country.

And Lucy Dobreva, a long-time member of the Harmonica team, has accepted to dedicate herself entirely to the new association as its chairperson. Thanks to her, Clean Struma is growing fast and we are making big plans.

Sometimes it is difficult.

We have many important events coming up this spring:

  • We are building a waste removal plant on a tributary of the river;
  • We are organizing the Clean Struma RUN charity run to draw even more attention to the extraordinary potential of the Kyustendil region to attract tourists instead of collecting garbage;
  • We are working on a documentary with videographer Martin Grahovski about the river and Clean Struma, which we want to motivate many other people across Bulgaria to do more.

We hope that our work can be an example for more active people, institutions and organizations so that we can see similar initiatives in other places in Bulgaria.

Support our efforts for Struma: Follow Clean Struma on social n:

  • Follow Clean Struma on social networks:
    Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn

  • Make a donation to support the collection, sorting and transportation of the waste we periodically remove from the Struma and Banschitsa rivers.
    Wire anything to our bank account: IBAN: BG50UNCR70001525030260, Holder: Chista Struma Association, UniCredit Bulbank, Sofia
Together we do more.

At Harmonica, we believe in the power of partnerships and have always worked this way. Businesses, communities and individuals can do more together. Not just the Struma, but all Bulgarian rivers can flow clean and beautiful again.

Let us do more together!

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