Hawthorn Fruit Spead with Sugar Beet Molasses

Hawthorn is a tiny autumn fruit with a tart, slightly sweet, taste and legendary health benefits. For harmonica’s Hawthorn Fruit Spread, we use berries foraged in the wild. Instead of sugar, we mix it with the gentle honey-sweet flavor of harmonica’s Sugar Beet Molasses. And the result is a powerful blend that should be sold in pharmacies rather than supermarkets. Not to mention its remarkable taste (we absolutely love the look on people when trying it for the first time!). All in all, this is an underrated jam with striking potential. We strongly recommend that you give it a try.

Hawthorn Fruit Spead with Sugar Beet Molasses
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What's in it

Just organic hawthorn fruits (40%) and organic sugar beet molasses. Hawthorn is rich in fructose, pectin, apple and wine acid, mineral salts and vitamin groups C and B.

How it's made

The fruits are fine filtered and then boiled in a vacuum machine. We add the molasses and cook until it is thick enough.

Nutrition facts

in 100 g


261 kcal/ / 1091 kJ


0 g 0%


62.5 g 24


2,7 g 5.4%


300g glass jar

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