A story in pictures: How to make a delicious wafer?

Since we started making wafers people constantly ask us “How did you manage to make such a delicious wafer?”

Lubo and the chocolate factory

Since we started making wafers people constantly ask us “How did you manage to make such a delicious wafer?” This is why we invited Vera Gotseva (lomovera) to take pictures and tell the story about the place where the pastry sheets are baked, the filling is made and where the ready wafers are cut and packaged.

Lubo the technologist welcomes us with a smile and shows us in. We are immediately overtaken by the delicious scent that makes us feel dizzy.
It is pretty hot in the place where the pastry sheets are baked. We make them using Bulgarian organic einkorn flour. Rado and Moni closely monitor the process of baking the sheet. Everything happens in seconds on a machine that resembles a huge waffle maker. The sheets are quickly taken out so they don’t stick to the hot plates.
The sheets are left to cool down, waiting to be smeared with cream. In the overall process of planning the creation of the recipe for this cream took us the longest to complete. It was quite challenging to find the best ingredients (with particular regard to the sunflower tahini) and the correct proportions. The machine smells of tahini and cocoa, and this brings into motion those reflexes that make us look like Pavlov’s dog in front of the illuminating light.
Here is our wafer – almost ready. It is taken in the caring hands of Severina in order to be measured and brought to the refrigerator where it will cool down and harden.
We use the time while shooting and watching to sneak a piece of the still warm wafers. Mmmm – delicious!
The people who make the wafers never seem to stop smiling. “Probably because of all the deliciousness around them”, we joke, and Gergana answers that they simply love their job.
It shows :)
After they cool down, the pastry sheets are taken to a device that string cuts them into the familiar shapes.
Meanwhile, the last machine is loaded with foil packaging. The wafers are taken there to get their new harmonica clothes.
They are now ready to head for the stores, while we are willing to see this story at least one more time.
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