Out to Pasture with harmonica

Belish Village

We’re in love with the month of May for many reasons and one of them is the first pasture for the year. We love visiting Belish village where the cow farm of harmonica’s partner and friend Nikolay Chernokozhev is located. For yet another year we visited Nikolay’s farm and took part of the cow’s biggest celebratiоn – their first going out to pasture for the year.

During the cold months of the year, cows are kept inside for obvious reasons. Nikolay’s farm, however, offers excellent conditions for the cows and they have enough space to enjoy a comfortable living.
Another reason for the cow’s well-being is the high quality food the farmers provide for them. The forage used is made of the cows’ favorite peas, as well as oats and wheat. The forage stays fresh all winter long, thanks to a special process of fermentation. The cultures used for the forage are all certified organic, grown without the use of herbicides or pesticides.
“There’s no place better than Belish.” That’s what Nikolay’s young assistant Vasko said when he returned back to the farm. Vasko spent two years on a special training at a cow farm in Austria.
And that is Sonya, another precious assistant in the farm. Sonya loves keeping an eye on the cows and helping them with lunch when needed.
Freedom! At last. We are as excited as Nikolay’s cattle. The time has come for first time pasture.
Summer vacation has started for the cows and they can’t wait to get to the green grass. Cows will be out to pasture until the first snow comes. Which means many more days are yet to come, spent surrounded by the green meadows in the mountain.
When preparing organic and high-quality dairy products how you breed the cows and what you feed them is extremely crucial. Every snack of the cow defines the taste of the milk later on. So the purer the food they consume, the better the milk they give.
For the past 2 years Nikolay has milked more than 150 cows. We have complete trust in him and we know he would take the best care of the cows, both in the winter and the summertime. This year Nikolay upgraded his milking machines. With their new version he can milk 7 cows all at once, instead of 3 as it has been so far. That way the fresh milk will get even faster to our dairy farm in Malo Buchino.
Most beauties in the farm are of the French breed Montbeliard. The cows from that breed are used for producing dairy products. Perla, Francesca, Monica… This is not a pop stars directory but the names of some of the princesses at the farm. It’s funny to hear the shepherd yell: “Come on Penelope, I’m not going to wait for you all day!”
We left a bit jealous. We too want to have lunch among the green slopes of the mountain every single day till the winter comes… Ah well, until our dream comes true, we’re good with drinking organic and yummy harmonica milk which we couldn’t have produced without the cows from Belish village!
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