Rosehip marmalade rolls

We are in a childhood memories mood, so we decided to go for some rolls with rosehip marmalade filling.
We need ingredients for the dough, ingredients for the filling, an oven and our granny’s rolling pin.

The dough: 325 g flour, 100 ml yogurt, 100 g powdered sugar, 50 ml sunflower oil, 1 table spoon baking soda, 5 ml lemon juice and 2 eggs.
We put everything in a bowl and stir till it is well mixed.
Then comes the manual job when we aim at concise but stretchable consistence. Like this.
Top of the tips: flour should be everywhere and not in scarce quantities.
The rolling pin comes at hand so that we produce a 5 mm thick full moon.
Cut into small pizzas
Cut small pizza slices.
Идва ред на пълнежа: Шипков мармалад на око–колкото сладко обичате. Натрошени орехи. Коричката на един лимон. На всеки равностранен триъгълник мажем ред шипков мармалад, ред орехи и поръсваме с корички.
Time to fill in the gaps – rosehip marmalade at your own judgement and depending on how sweet is you tooth. Ground walnuts. The peel of a lemon. Each pizza slice is covered with a layer of marmalade, then walnuts and a pinch of lemon peels.
Завиваме ги на кифлички и редим в тава с готварска хартия.
The rolls are made by rolling, of course, and arranged in a pan with parchment paper.
Преди да ги бухнем във фурната (предварително загрята на 180 градуса) мажем всяка кифличка с малко жълтък отгоре.
Heat the oven up to 180 degrees and before you put the rolls inside, spread some yolk on top of them.
10-15 минути във фурната и са готови с лек загар.
10-15 minutes in the oven and the golden brown colour will tell you they are ready.
Поръсваме с пудра захар и ура!
Powdered sugar on top as a final touch and we’re done. Well done!




Prepared in Phood Tales’ kitchen.

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