Struma river, photographer: Zlatina Tochkova


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We all know how important the things we put in our bodies are. From water to air to food – a multitude of resources pass through us daily; the proper condition of our bodies depends on them. These resources are our source of energy and they transform our bodies into a cozy and nurturing home for the spirit.

That is where the struggle, the spiritual fight that each and every one of us face daily, lies. This struggle is more real now than ever before because, as cliché as it might seem, we are living in hard times.

These difficulties primarily prevail in our search for ‘the new normal’. The ‘normal’ we were used to prior to this ludicrous and challenging year hitting us over the head with s flower-pot whilst we were pacing up and down is a far cry from what we are currently adapting to.

Food production and distribution systems have been corrupted by this change in so many ways: there is no milk in yoghurt anymore, we consume antibiotics unwillingly and people are starving whilst tons of perfectly good food goes to waste. Furthermore, we could talk about soil degradation, pollution and loss in biodiversity for hours.

Answering the question of “why” becomes more time consuming daily. Why did we end up in this state? A series of logical and coherent reasons following the impeccable rationale of our finance, economic, and social systems peer through.

Let us be clear – we do not refer to overthrowing the system or raising revolutions with sticks and shovels. We fight for the use of tools and means already offered by the current order to shift us towards new possibilities and perspectives. We must upgrade what we have and steer it in a new direction with a different meaning and new, inspiring goals. We need up ‘update the system’.

Will this upgrade be easy? No. There is no denying that bringing about meaningful change will be a struggle. The old ways will not go without a fight.

However, is it possible? We firmly believe so. We will dedicate our life and work to creating a better future for our children to grow up in as well as for our friends and supporters.
We do not merely produce food, we have a mission; now more than ever, this mission feels solid and three dimensional.

Now is the time for action.

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