Photo Story: Harmonica @ Biofach 2017

Biofach 2017, Nürnberg, Germany


Biofach is the oldest and biggest organic expo in Europe. Since 1989 it’s been happening annually in Nurnberg, Germany. And we are participating for the fifth time with our own stand. The construction was invented and created especially for us by Association Transformatori in 2015. This year we used it for the second time with some small additions.

During the 4 days of the exhibition we met a lot of partners we already work with, as well as potential and new clients, distributors and supporters.

This was what we found at our spot when we got there. Only this lonely fridge was waiting for us there.
And that’s the same place 3 hours later. This is the second year we’ve assembled the construction in the picture. It’s entirely made of strong cupboard. We are trying to make the lowest possible impact on the environment and to produce less waste. And the material can be recycled as regular paper.
The organic crispy wafers and fruit cordials have priority on the stand. And this is our special handmade syrup installation, made by the well-known and talented craftsman Delcho Delchev. Many people stopped by our place simply out of curiosity and then stayed at the bar for a glass of cordial made out with sparkling water.
We are proud of the Bulgarian exhibitors, whose numbers are growing each year. We gathered them all for a glass of wine. It makes us happy that organic agriculture in Bulgaria has more and more followers and supporters.
The fair is coming to and end and it is time for Team Harmonica to go home. Thankful, inspired and a bit tired we are starting the preparations for next year!
We are proud of the Bulgarian exhibitors, whose numbers are growing each year.
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