Rose Cordial

Our 1st Great Taste Award-winning product: transformative, joyous, alive!

Harmonica rose cordial was awarded the prestigious British awards in 2017. The Great Taste label is a guarantee for excellent taste and quality, appreciated by hundreds of authoritative tasters.
Our rose cordial is a luscious exotic flavour with a bow to local culinary culture. Bulgarians have used roses in their cuisine for hundreds of years and now we are reviving this tradition by creating an authentic drink from top-of-the-line organically grown roses. It’s known to possess a number of beneficial qualities, not least the ability to end up as a amrvelous cocktail called Gin/Rose.
„A cordial with a wonderful natural flavour, thick aromatic notes of rose, not too sweet. Light floral scent that soothes „
Great Taste 2017 Awards jury
Rose Cordial
  • Био сертифициран
  • Без глутен
  • Без ГМО
  • Веган

What's in it

40% water extraction made of Rose "Damascena" petals from the famous Bulgarian Rose Valley, organic cane sugar and citric acid as acidity regulator

How it's made

We make a water extraction from the dried rose flowers. We heat it gently to mild temperatures for no longer than a minute. We then fill the bottles by use of pasteurizer, as we do not add any preservatives.

Nutrition facts

in 100 ml


244 kcal / 1018 kJ

Total fat

<1 g

- of which saturates



58.4 g

- of which sugar

57.9 g


<0.5 g


<0.1 g


750 ml glass bottle

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