Wildflower Honey

A taste of colourful summer meadows. Organic raw Bulgarian honey that has intensive aroma and abundant taste

Wildflower honey is gathered from different trees, grasses, herbs and other flowering plants from spring until late summer. It combines the usefulness of many plants.

Because of the wide variety of pollens, Harmonica Organic Wildflower Honey has a very intensive aroma and taste. There are large variations in flavor, color and aroma depending on the different species of plants from which it is gathered. It goes sugary fast.

Wildflower Honey
  • Био сертифициран
  • Без глутен
  • Без ГМО

What's in it

100 % raw honey from Bulgarian certified organic apiaries.

How it's made

It is gathered by the hardworking bees on the slopes of Stara Planina. The bees feed only on the honey they themselves produce. They are not given any additives or chemicals. Beehives are impregnated with a mixture of wax and flax flour. No paint is applied. And remember – every worker bee is making barely a tenth of a teaspoon of honey for the duration of its whole life. Respect!

Nutrition facts

in 100 g

Energy 355 kcal / 1484 kJ
Total fat 0 g
   ot which saturates 0 g
Carbohydrates 81.7 g
   of which sugars 81.5 g
Protein 1.05 g
Salt 0 g


Glass jar 310 g / 275 ml

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