Easy almond cheese cake with biscuits

Nice and easy! And delicious!

For the base:
1 packet of butter cookies
100 g harmonica butter
For the cream:
125 g cream cheese
1 tbsp yoghurt
100 g almond butter
2 tbsp brown sugar
3-4 apples or 3 medium quince (and why not both)
3 tbsp brown caramel sugar
Peel and cut the fruit into equal pieces. Put them in a pan and bake in a preheated to 180 C oven. Crush the cookies into crumbs and mix with the melted butter until the butter is completely absorbed into the cookies. Pour the finished mixture into a 20 cm diameter pan and press it against the walls to form the base. Refrigerate. During this time, beat the cream with yogurt, almond tahini and sugar. Remove the base from the fridge and pour the mixture into it. Flatten and return to the refrigerator to tighten.
When the cream is firm enough, arrange the roasted fruit on top. The fruit should be completely cooled by then. Finally, melt some sugar to make caramel and pour it over the fruit. Enjoy!

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