Why we don’t use the terms “raw” and “unrefined” sugar?

We think that the concepts “raw” and “unrefined” sugar are misleading, leaving the impression that we would consume an unprocessed product. Тtruth is – the production of any type of sugar from molasses to invert sugar or sugar syrup begins with the same process – refining. The purpose of refining is to remove ingredients or […]

True heroes

The world of humans is in crisis. But it makes true heroes stand out. The crisis we are facing now is just one of the dimensions of the bigger crisis, which has been going on for quite some time now – we have talked a lot about shrinking biodiversity, shrinking glaciers, shrinking confidence in industrially […]

Straw Festival 2019 (video)

Check out the footage from the annual Straw Festival, which welcomed over 2,000 guests in Malo Buchino on October 6, 2019. Delicious food, trail bike and running races and discussions dedicated to the choices we make every day – this is what happened at the Straw Festival this year in a nut shell. This was […]


harmonica is a brand that has set standards in the organic food business in Bulgaria, for over a decade. The trust we have built in our customers towards the quality of the ingredients we use and the consistency in the taste and recipes, is spreading beyond borders. Our product portfolio is made up of the fundamental foods we were brought […]

New beginnings for wheat sticks harmonica

Our wheat sticks have fans of all ages, anywhere between 2 and 102 years old. They win hearts and palates not only with their crispy flavor but also because they’re made of pure ingredients. Driven to maintain the success the sticks have reached this far, we decided to refresh their recipe as well as their […]

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